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Bakker Auto and Marine Trim of Muskegon Michigan.

Remote Starters

Basics of Remote Start

In general, remote start systems “trick” a car into starting as it would turning the key manually. Depending on the vehicle, the following items may be required to remote start a vehicle

  • Remote Start control unit or “brain”
  • Security Bypass
  • Remote Controls
Questions to consider when selecting a remote start installation:
  1. From how far away do I want to remote start my car?
    Depending on the vehicle, Bakker offers systems that perform remote start up to 1 mile away.

  2.  Do I want confirmation that my car started?
    Bakker offers systems that provide feedback that the vehicle started, also known as a two way system.

  3. Is your factory remote for keyless entry (lock/unlock) separate from your key?
    Adding a remote start system with keyless entry is a great way to increase your range and avoid extra remotes on your keychain. Simply keep your factory fob as a spare and use the remote start remotes for every day use.
  4. Can I add remote start to my current remotes?
    The latest in remote start technology is the ability to program remote start to your factory key fob. For some vehicles, simply pressing the lock button on your factory remote will activate the start.

We specialize in recommending the best value system for your particular vehicle.

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